Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Beaufort Gazette: World watching South Carolina on geocaching

Geocaching is not a crime. I came across the above article today while looking for some caches for a trip I might be going on soon.

While I do agree, that there are some bad eggs that will do whatever it takes to find a cache (trample vegetation, trespass on private property, litter or worse), the majority of geocachers are just outdoor enthusiasts who have found a new way to enjoy the outdoors.

In my years of geocaching, most of the caches I have found have taken me to places I would never have seen otherwise. It has always been awe inspiring and educational, and I can't believe that South Carolina would even consider making it against the law even just for historical or National Registered sites. That would be a shame.

I also find it hysterical that an editorial is quoted in the article to imply that only people from the South treasure and respect historical sites, state owned properties, and cemeteries. Give me a break.

Rationality would dictate that those that have broken the law by defacing a grave marker or trampling protected plants, would be punished but to make a law to encompass all geocachers is not the answer. Deal with the individuals that are committing the crimes and leave the rest of us alone.


The Everglades said...

I've never done geocatching. It sounds interesting. My favorite movie of all time is Goonies, so I bet I'd be a worthy candidate.

I'll probably never try it.


Mishka said...

You should try it, it is pretty fun most of the time and definitely educational. I was hooked after finding the first cache by accident on a rock climbing trip...