Thursday, January 02, 2014

POTD Day 2 Begins With G

This is one of my favorite Stash teas...super yummy. Ginger has so many beneficial properties that having it built into a tea just seems reasonable. I generally have a cup of hot tea midday in the colder months and this one is terrific.

Stash is one of my favorite brands of tea...I have one of their herbals, but mostly I drink their black teas (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai, Ginger Breakfast and Double Chai). I have some loose teas (Thai, Ocha, and some herbals) but these teabags are fabulous when I am just making a cup for me.

I took this image with my Fuji Finepix with no flash but macro enabled on our kitchen counter. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 for color, light, and added the fuzzy border.

Eight Years Ago on In My Words...Gross!!

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