Wednesday, January 01, 2014

POTD Day 1 Lunch

Today is the first day of a new month of Picture of the Day...which means a new list located here at Fat Mum Slim's site. Lunch was an easy pic for today because I knew at breakfast time what I was going to eat since it was leftovers and needed be cleared out of the fridge.

This is laab gai which is a Thai dish that I LOVE to make. I tend to not make the sticky rice that is supposed to go with it because I am trying to limit the amount of starch I eat, but I have gotten quite used to just eating it with cabbage and cucumber slices...protein and veggies!

I can make this from scratch but tend to do it from ground chicken plus a packet of seasoning I get at my favorite Thai/Vietnamese ingredient store in Portland. If I can't get there, I have family that can get things for me and send them...

Today is the first day back on the fitness bandwagon and that includes logging food, watching what is eaten and getting at least an hour of exercise/house projects done a day. So after a week of not logging, I am back at it.

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