Wednesday, January 22, 2014

POTD Day 22 Nice

This little munchkin is my cousin's youngest. He is a lot of fun. I took this pic at the park we go to sometimes after we have walked around the Grower's Market, so he can have some out of stroller time. There are volleyball courts there that the kids like to play in, and that is why he has sand on his face.

As many kids of his age, having a picture taken is completely normal and being able to look at it immediately is expected. He holds still, smiles and poses on cue. It is quite hilarious. His mother and I look a lot a like in our baby pictures so it is no surprise that her kids also resemble us when we were that is fun to watch the progression as they get older and start to take on their own individual looks.

I took this picture with my Fuji Finepix f50, no flash and probably no macro either. I edited it in GIMP 2.6 for color and light and then added the fuzzy border.

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