Saturday, January 25, 2014

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5K Report

Distance: 3.36 Miles or 5.41K
Elevation Change: ~90ft
Weather: 64 degrees, 10-15 mph, sun
Time: 48 mins

So I managed to get this virtual 5K done today. I did some geocaching afterwards so I was actually out walking around for about 2 hours but I knocked out the 5K first. I did 3.36 miles becaues the route I used was already set and I don't have a nearby route that is exactly 5K.

The weather was amazing...we are having unseasonably warm weather and on this way, we had some wind too, but that was okay because it felt great to be out in the sun in shorts and short sleeves. I am sure my body was very thankful for the Vit D absorption.

I didn't take any pics during the 5K portion but I did take a bunch while geocaching afterwards that I can post (see below). I don't post images of myself on here so I can't add any of those to this. Here is a link to my original post about this.

I only walked it today...since I was geocaching afterwards, I had a Camelbak on with equipment in it and jogging with it on would have been difficult and irritating. I didn't get my best time but I was in the ballpark for what I normally can pull off while walking.

Second cache found in cemetery

Location of fourth cache
Overall, it was a great day full of exercise and geocaching adventure. I am so glad I found the link to the virtual, perhaps I can add this one to my list of annual virtuals I try to knock out each year in between my IRL ones.

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