Thursday, December 06, 2012

At Least One Thing

So I posted on one of my other blogs yesterday about how I am trying to focus on getting one thing off the "to do" list a day rather than procrastinating my life away because I can't get it all done today. Yesterday's thing was to replace a outlet in one of the bathrooms with a GFCI outlet, which I did. I managed to accomplish other things yesterday but that one thing was the "absolute have to".

Today, the "absolute have to" was to finish Christmas cards, and work on a scarf that I want to get in the mail. I knocked out the Christmas cards this morning, however not in time to get them sent since the mailman had already come. I also managed to watch a movie that I have had from Netflix for ages while doing it, which was great since keeping two movies for months at at time is not efficient use of my Netflix dollars.

I plan to catch up on The Walking Dead tonight while working on the scarf if I can. I know I have more than an hour's work left on it but it will at least be something. I will probably check in with the help forums for Blogger that I volunteer for as well just to see if any of the users I am currently helping have updated the thread. How is that for an exciting plan?

I don't know for sure yet what the "absolute have to" is going to be, but I am thinking it will entail a larger electrical project (6 switches and 3 sockets), mostly because I think they are all on the same circuit so if I am going to turn the power off, I might as well knock them out all at once. We'll see. If not, there is tons more on the list that can be the "absolute" for tomorrow.

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