Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rogue Valley

Well, we are here, have been actually for a few days now. We are using some free Internet at one of the local coffee houses and I thought I would update you all.

While we loved Bend and find that it would be a great place to invest, it seems the Rogue Valley is where we are going to concentrate our efforts. We have looked at some great houses and we'll find something here in Ashland to buy and rent out before we take off for Portland.

Visits with the family have been great, everyone is doing well and when I have time, I will update further on that. So for now, I am off to check out a few more places this afternoon and we'll see where things lead us.


Chicken said...

I wish I could see the new house.

Joanne said...

I think it would be cool to live in a place called the Rogue Valley. Do you see Snidley Whiplash around any corners? :)

(Although when I lived in Fairbanks I thought it would be cool to live on Dead End Alley so what do I know. :) )

Violet said...

sounds like things are going well. house hunting can always be a fun (although stressful) time. good luck with everything.