Thursday, July 19, 2007

West Coast

Finally we are in Oregon. Got in yesterday afternoon....whew...that was a haul. Feel like I was on the Oregon Trail (not really, since they had it much worse than me) but we made it and no livestock was killed in the crossing....haha.

Okay, so we are in Bend. Cool town. We are going to talk to a realtor today and see if we can poke around a bit and see what our options for getting some land in this area would be....that would be cool and this place is growing so it would be a good investment regardless.

Looks like we have an offer on the house in WA so we might be out from under it sooner than we thought. There are some interested parties that work next door so it would be very convenient for them. We'll see how it works out. Our realtor is going a great job keeping us in the loop considering we are not in the same place more than one day these days.

I have managed to find a geocache in each of the states we traveled through that I was lacking from before so that has been fun (and a good way to stretch the legs). Yesterday's was in Idaho at a TB hotel near the Flying J we were stopped at. I traded out two TBs I was carrying for a coin and another TB. I am going to see if there are any locally that I can grab while I am here, and perhaps drop one or both of these guys.

Will update more as things progress.

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