Tuesday, July 10, 2007

At It

Well, we left NC yesterday. We stopped in Greensboro to pick up my sister's travel bug and then made our way along the 40 to Tennessee. I found two caches along the 40 in Tennessee to be able to mark this state off. It was so nice of J to alter our route (I didn't even ask) so I could get Tennessee in. We have been here before but that was before I started geocaching. One of the caches was really cool on this greenway trail that took us a bit to find.

Saying goodbye to the friends was absolutely horrible. Some of them are like family to us and that just makes it harder. I just have to hope that we will get to see each other again in the future and make an effort to make that happen as well as to stay in touch. Being the corresponder that I am, I am sure I will drive everyone nuts with my postcards, emails and letters.

We stopped for the night a ways out from Nashville (difficult to find a place that would let us have Chase in the room, but we managed) and we are getting ready to eat some breakfast and head out again. Hope to make it to Kansas City today. I don't have any caches in Missouri or in Kansas so I have already done a search to find a few I can make use of...should be fun and it breaks up the trip a bit.

Chase is doing okay....didn't like the car much (never does when she first gets in) but I think she has resigned herself to it. Right now she is hiding under the bed thinking that we might forget about her and she can live happily looking out the window of this hotel room forever....little does she know.


Chicken said...

Yay!! The TB met it's goal! Thanks for picking it up sis.

I wonder if there is some hotel chain that accepts animals?

Haha said...

Another state to take off your list. Yahoo! Poor Chase, she will get use to the car about the time she will have to fly. She is quite the well traveled feline. Have lots of fun and be sure to check the weather - it has been wicked here!