Saturday, July 07, 2007

Checking The List

I am checking the items off the list faster than ever....

sold car,
sold house,
shampooed carpets
emptied and cleaned hottub
shaved cat
put rhino liner in truck
picked up cat records
picked up my records
closed po box
forwarded mail from both po box and house
cleaned most of house
shipped or stored all belongings
took all plants to my friends

Now I just need to finish cleaning out the refrigerator, wipe down the kitchen, and sweep out the garage. Chase is still staying at the house so that will be our last minute pickup before we take off on Monday. Hopefully when I get there today, the carpets will all be dry. I think I might get an air freshner at Lowe's to liven the house up a bit.

I can't believe our time here is almost over. We have a little get together today at my friend's house...don't know if it will be the big goodbye or not, hope not because goodbyes kill me.


Haha said...

Just testing the system

Haha said...

Second test message...