Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In The Hotel

Well, we are in our first hotel of many, I am sure. It is pretty nice. We have a suite so there is a little kitchen with plenty of dishes and utensils so I will be moving most of our refrigerator over here while we try to use up what we can. We left Chase at the house. It is less tramatic for her.

Our last shipment comes tomorrow, and I probably should be in bed by now, but I am waiting on laundry that I want to get into the shipment. Fortunately for me, we are pretty much done now, so I can relax and do some fun things.

We went to watch the fireworks tonight with some friends and that was cool. We have free high speed Internet at the hotel so I can stay in touch for a few days at least. I need to download some geocaches for the first legs of our trip.

Looks like we sold the car today...they are coming by tomorrow to pay for it and take it away. We'll pull the plates so we can make sure to get it unregistered in Oregon. We are signing the paperwork on the house on Friday even though it won't close until the 11th. It works for us.

I finally hired a realtor for the house in WA and we'll see how long it takes us to sell that one. She seems really nice and is willing to give us a break on the commission.

I managed to get the bedliner put in the truck and the cat shaved again all in the same day. This holiday in the middle of the week is really throwing things off.

Some friends of our taught us how to pan for gold the other day, and I have a bag of dirt from them that I need to go through before we leave. I was supposed to show it to J but I might end up doing it without him. I found gold in the last one so I am sure this one will have some too.

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Joanne said...

Wow. I thought moving just my little old self up to WA with the help of movers was trouble. I don't think I could do a whole other country move. Although I did ship a lot of stuff down to AZ from AK when I was living up there. (A whole palletfull) And I spent the next month living at a Girl Scout camp and living out of a big back pack. :)