Sunday, July 08, 2007

Heading Out

We are done at the house. I have to pick up the cat tomorrow morning when we take off, and other than that, we are done. It really hit me today that we are up the last of the house did it.

I was in the shower before running over to see one of my friends and I started crying a bit because I realized that I wasn't going to see them for a very long time and I didn't have much time left with them.

We had dinner with my niece and her family, and saying goodbye to them afterwards was terrible. I am going to miss her more than she even knows. All our friends here have helped us so much with this moved and there is really no way to say thanks properly. I think the thing that we remember is that they know if they need us to do the same, we would be there for them in a minute.

I am excited to get to Nebraska so we can see J's grandpa and family. I am also looking forward to getting all the way to the west coast and seeing the rest of the family. Of course that means more goodbyes as well but hopefully I will get to see most of them again in 6 months or so...depending on schedules.


Chicken said...

I can't wait to see you. I hope your trip is fun and safe!

Haha said...

I am looking forward to you getting to the west coast, but I am not looking forward to saying goodbye. I cried for you having to leave your good friends and beautiful home. At least when you get overseas, you will be too busy to think about those things for awhile. Tell J's Gpa that I said hi!