Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hitting Bumps But Living Through It

Well, our house in WA is back on the market. The buyers were not what we were looking for and it is for the best that it is actually on the market now and will get some real exposure. J and I are headed up there tomorrow to do some needed maintenance and spruce things up a bit.

We decided to just stay at the house so we can work on it first thing each day, which means getting a few food supplies too so we don't have to run out every morning for breakfast. We are hoping to get some friends and family over to visit us since we probably won't get to visit anyone now that our time is being devoted to the house.

We are still going forward, so far, on the house in the Rogue Valley that we found and like, but won't be heart broken if that doesn't happen either. If worse comes to worse, we can stick with renting out the WA house if we need to since still owning it means we are still in the market like we want to be....

Our visits in the Rogue Valley were great, saw lots of family and friends. We went to our friend's wedding reception in WA on the 28th and had fun catching up with everyone there as well. We are back in Portland for the second time and head out in the morning. At some point next week, we will have to come back down to Portland to pick up something we left in the Rogue Valley. My sis is going to pick it up since she will be going down for her friend's wedding.

The last few days have been a bit busy but we are through them and will see what is next in our path before we leave. You never know what can happen, that is for sure.

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Chicken said...

I wish you didn't have to deal with that.