Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

Today is almost over and I didn't get nearly as much stuff done as I would have liked....I still have some time but most of it is going to be inside stuff...haha.

I met with a friend this morning for a walk that turned into an all day thing (which was okay because we haven't seen each other in a while), and then I met with a realtor a few minutes ago so we could go over things in the house.

I tried to picture how things must look through his eyes...and it seems to me that we have too much clutter. That is okay, J put some extra plywood down in the attic so we have more room to hide some things. I can spread out some stuff too and that will make it seem less cluttered....I am such a pack rat...terrible I know.

So I am going to head off, drink some Diet Coke since I am falling asleep, work on a project for a friend while watching a movie I know J won't want to see, and then we'll see what else I can get done. I am sure that I will throw some laundry and dusting in there somewhere as well. I should get over to the gym this evening so I can get some muscles....haha.


Violet said...

the walk with a friend sounds nice, what with spring weather in the air. you don't have to tell me about not getting anything done at work today, though... i've stared at the computer screen pretty much all day and have completed nothing of a productive manner.

Chicken said...

More than I have done. I don't think that your place looks cluttered although that is coming from me so i don't know if it is reliable.

Chatty said...

When we were selling our house, we put a lot of items in a storage facility to make the house look bigger and uncluttered. I liked it so much I asked my husband why we were moving. Ha! We had too, far too small. Light candles or put in wall plug ins. Good smelling homes sell well. That's how I ended up here! :)

Mind Sprite said...

I know we'll have to put half our stuff in storage to sell ours because it's such a small house. I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it. Smelly good stuff is a good suggestion!