Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Everyday Humdrum

Well, I went to the dealership today and spent 3 hours in their waiting room. They replaced my muffler and half the exhaust pipe and now my truck is not backfiring...whoooeeee!!! Nice thing is that it was covered under the warranty. I paid to have them replace my fuel filter (service needed) and they checked my power steering system (service not needed until 45000 miles) and it was good to go.

After leaving there, I went to Lowe's to look at paint possibilities for our front door since there is no paint here at the house that matches it. While there, I got a call from J. We decided to meet up for lunch since he forgot a few things he needs on this trip that he is on (only a few hours away) so we met in the middle and had some down home bbq'd cooking, and it was good. I didn't get the paint yet but did get some chips so I can match up the door better tomorrow when it is light. I also talked to several people about what our options were to keep the new weatherstripping we just did from sticking to the new paint we are going to apply. The answer is silicone spray...I'll let you know if it works.

I was able to catch J up on the house visit with the realtor yesterday and what things we should move around in the house to make it look nicer and seem more spacious. Figure I will be taking a lot of small things up into the attic for hiding just to declutter. We gave his old dresser to a friend of his that is going to use it for storing some stuff and I am glad it went to a good home because it was still usable but not in nice enough condition to give to Habitat or Goodwill.

One of my friends from high school might be coming to visit me in the next week or so and I am excited to see her. She is the mom of one of the four people I hung out with and she was like a second mom to all of us. I was able to see her and her son this December when we were driving through Florida but it will be nice to have her visit here if I could just get some more of our family and friends out here before we take off....hint hint hint.

I stopped by another friend's place on the way home from lunch because I hadn't seen them in ages and because they are the landscaping and garden center owners we like to use. I was hoping I could get a fern and some color for my yard but alas, they are waiting until the middle of next month to do their annuals just in case we get another frost here. I might have to get a few things at Lowe's but we'll see. I am not in a hurry and it's not like I don't have five million other things on my list that I could be doing. It was great to see them and I will get back over there in the next few days because I need some bark, and some iron for my poor yellowed looking plants. I wish I was more motivated for the yard right now but I am not, even though I want it to look nice...weird huh?

Speaking of frosts, it was in the mid 80s today and tonight it will be in the mid 50s and tomorrow is supposed to stay in the mid 50s with rain...I guess we are getting some cold weather in from the north....brrrr. The pine pollen is still dropping like crazy...I took a pic of the car the other day before i rinsed it off so I will get that posted soon. If it does rain tonight and tomorrow, we will have little greenish yellow run off trails all over the place.

Now it is almost 8:30pm and I haven't eaten dinner (lunch was late and filling) and I have been playing on myspace (trying to get the statcounter to work) and on the blogger support help group...I need to get a help group for myself so that I can be more focused on my stuff...sometimes I walk from one room with the intention of doing something and while there will get distracted into another task and so on and so is terrible. I better go so I can say I actually accomplished something today.


Violet said...

Wow, busy day. I hate waiting at the dealership for my car to get fixed... or waiting for anything in general. The down home bbq sounds good, though!

Chicken said...

I'm surprised. I don't think your house is cluttered.

Mishka said...

I don't think it is cluttered either but they like you to simplify everything so that people are not distracted by your style and can picture their stuff in the place....I just need to move a few small things into the attic until we are dong selling it, and then I'll worry about the packing issues.

Oh, and since J took his dresser out of our bedroom, I'll have to move that room around because it looks funny with that whole empty wall...haha