Saturday, March 31, 2007

Loving It

Wow, I am finding some awesome hacks for the blogs these days, I found one for showing recent comments (see the bottom half of my sidebar), and I found another one that I use sometimes for truncating long posts. I have a three column template on my test blog ( that I am trying out. It looks nice, but I am not sure if I like it or not. I found another for removing the nav bar, but sometimes not having it there is a pain in the butt since the links to get to your blog dashboard are up there...I end up having to go through my profile everytime and not all of my blogs are listed on my profile, so I don't know if I would remove the navbar forever or not. I did find but can't get to it, a navbar that comes and goes like the start bar at the bottom of a Windows page...I just can't get to the hack to try it out because the person who did the hack has made his blog private....we'll see if I can get invited or at least sent the code to try it out.

Oh and I am loving the new newsreel widget offered in the layouts if you have can put in what ever terms you want displayed on yours and then when you click on the term, the news from Google news shows up with that search term. I am sure my search terms will fluctuate depending on the day but I think the widget itself is pretty cool.

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