Friday, March 02, 2007

Is It Possible...

That Blogrolling's "recently updated" function is working again? I don't want to get excited yet, but I have noticed over the last few days that some blogs are showing as being recently updated and it was not because of me (my pinging of all of your blogs ended after only a day or so of effort on my part).

I have been self pinging my own blogs for sometime now because I am convinced that Bloggers ability to do it has not be available. The Autopinger website does it automatically for me but I do it manually as well when I update, just for the fun of it. I usually only hit about 7 of the main ones and it only takes a second.

Anyhow, if Blogrolling is working again, I will be thrilled (although it still doesn't reflect Wordpress or Typepad blogs correctly). I won't miss updates like I have been when I am forced to go at it on my own.


Chicken said...

I wonder why it is partial.

kilgorsky said...

All kinds of wierd stuff's been happening. For example, I stopped receiving emails with people's comments.