Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

We were able to see the lunar eclipse here on the east coast at a local park but we had some clouds between 6 and 7 (when it was in full eclipse so I didn't get any good pics of it then). After we watched it come out of the eclipse a bit, we went home so I could get our telescope out and check it out further. We have a lot of trees around our house so that is why we went to the park initially so by the time it had really cleared the trees here at the house, it was back to a full moon.

I took some pictures of the full moon with my digital camera by just holding it up to the lens on the telescope...not the best way to do it I am sure but they still came out okay... as you can see from this photo.

It always amazes me when I look at the moon through our telescope because you can really see the details (more so on an not full night) and it makes you realize just how small we all are. I need to get the telescope out more...maybe if my sis and mom are able to visit before we move. I know they would love to look through it.


Chicken said...

I never got to see through your telescope.

Mishka said...

You'll have to when you come to is pretty amazing.

Violet said...

We read about the lunar eclipse, but were unavailable to see it. Too bad you couldn't get any cool pictures of it.

Mishka said...

Yeah the ones I got during the eclipse were either too cloudy so they didn't come in well or too low so I couldn't see them in the telescope until it was almost over.

The ones that came out where the ones once the moon went back to full....the one posted here was just after the last of the eclipse had passed on, but I thought the full moon came out pretty well.

Haha said...

That pic is quite remarkable Mishka. I am surprised at how clear it is. Does your telescope track?

V said...

Hi Mishka,

That is an excellent picture of the moon! Have you tried looking for other planets with your telescope, like Jupiter and Saturn?