Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, I have started to limit myself on my tasks per day because I am so easily distracted by all the little things. So today, I have five things on my list...and only two of them are big ones so I should be able to hack them off with no problem...2 of them are just running errands kinds of things.

We had some rain yesterday so everything in the yard is looking pretty fresh and that is nice but it still needs some attention. I also have an unwelcome visitor issue....when I am in my office, I can hear scratching again...don't know if it is birds nesting in our gutter outside (which I guess is happening quite a bit right now) or if we have another little mouse...I had to set the mouse traps upstairs in the attics yesterday just to be sure.

My tulips in the back containers have finally bloomed..the green has been up for ages but our weather has been so weird that I am not sure they knew what to do. Anyhow, I have already used up my allocated computer time for this morning up helping on the help group and updating one of my blogs...time to get going. Hair color is first on the list...haha.

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Chicken said...

I should do the hair color tonight so I feel better about myself tomorrow.

Pictures of the tulips when you get a chance please.