Friday, December 15, 2006

To Do List

Well here it is...what I have done and what I need to do still at least before we take off this week...

1. Clean fish tank, set fish up.
2. Clean cat box, set cat up.
3. Vacuum house.
4. Treat hot tub and strap down top.
5. Finish case study for class.
6. Finish brainstorming project for class.
7. Respond to other classmates on my conference for class.
8. Make 8 Christmas cards.
9. Pay bills.
10. Pack.
11. Get cash for trip from bank.
12. Take key to friend to house sit with.
13. Set up timers.
14. Make birthday cards.
15. Renew passport.
16. Try on clothes, and return those that I don't need.
17. Deliver friend's birthday gift.
18. Print geocaches for countries
19. Charge cameras.
20. Drop off items at Goodwill.
21. Email trip info to family.
22. Water plants.
23. Make 13 more Christmas cards.
24. Laundry
25. Print maps and directions to locations.
26. Organize, organize, organize.

That is all I can think of right now....gosh it is only a week long trip but you would think I was leaving for months...haha. I have lists started all over my house to try to my brain free to function normally. I better run, have to finish up my brainstorming project so that all I have left in my graduate degree is responding to those that might answer questions on my conference at the last minute (the final questions/answers have to be posted by the 17th).

Note: J did participate in these tasks with me....I didn't do them all by myself.


Scaramouche Jones said...

Why the passport? Are you going away?

Mishka said...

Yep, going on a trip this week but probably won't have to use my is just for backup.

Chicken said...

Holy shit Mish everytime I read your lists I feel like the biggest slacker on earth.

Have a wonderful trip sis! I love you.

Mind Sprite said...

Your lists make me TIRED just looking at them! You are a dynamo, for sure. Enjoy your (warm, sunny, relaxing) trip!

Haha said...

Have fun in the sun!

Anonymous said...

I ditto what Chicken and Mind Sprite said. You're killing me with the lists. I wish I were as conscientious as you are.