Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alive and Well

We are back on solid ground and thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We are currently at a friend's house outside of Orlando visiting but will be heading home this morning. It will be nice to get home.

I managed to get a decent grade in my class, and with any luck, I will get notice that I am a graduate (can't wait). I did get all my Christmas cards done and sent out before we left for the trip as well as many of the other things done that were on my plate and that was a nice feeling.

I plan to blog about our trip but not right now. We are getting things together this morning to get on the road again. Fortunately, we don't have too much of a drive. We took a ton of pictures and I'll probably get those loaded up on my travel blog in the next day or so.

I have a few things on my task list when I return home but I am looking forward to getting some things done that have been moved to the back burner for a while. It will be nice.

Anyhow, just wanted to get a short post up...blogrollings updates don't seem to be functioning. I hope to get caught up with the rest of the blogging world soon.


Beau said...

have a wonderful trip. will let you know about those lemurs...

Scaramouche Jones said...

You're going to think you have too much time on your hands now :)

One Wink at a Time said...

Have a safe trip :-)