Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas At My House

Well, I have had the decorations up for a while but was busy with school, so haven't had a chance to post them. It was very simple this year, I am not into a lot of glitter and foof anyhow so it makes for things to be very easy. Here you go!!!

This is our little Christmas tree on the buffet in our dining room. I only picked a few of our ornaments to hang on it this year since we decided to not do a full size tree. The lights are very cute on it when it gets to be dark but you can't really see them here.

This is the fireplace in the familyroom with a fire burning it it. We have three stockings out and strangely enough, those two long ones belong to J and I from when we were kids (we didn't know each other then). Isn't that weird that they are so similar? The little candle holders on the mantel next to the kokeshi doll have snowflakes on them.

This is a little wooden tree with individual ornaments that I put together every year. It sits on the TV in the family room. I think I bought it at the Monkey store (only some of you will know what that is).

This is our little key table near the front door where I put a basket of pinecones and a candle out. As you can see, it gets piled with keys and iPods as well.

I wish I could take a picture of the house from outside when the lights are on but I don't think it would turn out. We did lights along the gutter in front, down the railing of the porch and then on one bush in the yard. It looks really nice and we are about the only ones on the block with lights on this year.

I have candles all over the house and of course my little Santa cup that I have been putting milk for Santa in since I was is too bad we won't be here to feed him this year. Perhaps he will hit our house a day or two late.


Scaramouche Jones said...

Why the Japanese theme?

Mishka said...

Do I have a Japanese theme on my Christmas? Or do you mean the rest of the house decor?

I lived in Japan for 4 years just recently so I have a lot of Thai, Japanese and Chinese things in the house...I traveled alot.

You can check out my travel blog on the side bar (although I haven't gotten all my travels in there completely yet).

superstar said...

good picture

Chicken said...

Try to take the night picture. You never know it might work out.

Mind Sprite said...

I love the little wooden tree! That is weird and sweet that you have coordinated stockings from childhood. You should try the photo of the house. I took one of our house and kept the camera steady by resting it on the mailbox. It came out pretty good!

Anonymous said...

That wooden tree is very cute.