Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have owed this post for a while...the whole ordeal was really not that bad, and it wasn't really that much money either. It worked out for us financially to let someone else do the tear out and install but we did all the plumbing, sink setting, faucet replacing, caulking and touch up painting.

This is the before picture of our butcher block looking vinyl tops (and the old linoleum that is next to go, after the holidays).

This is the work in progress. The countertops have been removed. The hole in the sheetrock in the back left corner is visible and the stove is pulled out. I vacuumed up 30 years of old construction debris from all the hidey holes.

This is the final (on the countertops at least). The sink and plumbing is back in, the caulking is done, the painting is finished and all the stuff has been returned to its spot.

Now imagine the room with the new floors...hopefully we'll get those done when we get past the holidays.


Scaramouche Jones said...

White's easier to wipe the blood from :)

Anonymous said...

Looks much better and brighter.

Mishka said...

SJ-it is much lighter than we originally thought. It is actually supposed to look like limestone but the little chip we were going from didn't give us any idea how light it would be. It is not quite as light as the flash makes it look but it is still much lighter than the old ones.

JAG-you are right, it just opened up the whole room and definitely updates it. Now when we get the floors done it will really modernize it a bit. Thanks for the compliment.

Chicken said...

Looks great!