Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Due to Popular Demand

Here are two pics I took outside a few minutes ago of our Christmas lights...they are not great, but you can see that it is pitch black and our lights are the only thing out there....haha.

This is the entire front of the house from the street. I had to use the unipod to try to steady the camera enough to get this in the dark and it is still a bit blurry. The thing on the right is the holly bush we lit, then there is the entire gutter along the front, then the porch rail near the porch light and then you can barely see the Christmas tree in the dining room.

This is the Christmas tree from outside the house looking in.

We don't have any moving animals or icicles on our house but some of the ones in another neighborhood have. We'll put the lights on timers when we leave so they will still light up. The ones on the porch are the new LED lights. They are supposed to last longer, burn brighter, and use less energy. I can tell you that they burn lots brighter. They aren't cheaper and with the 96 ft we had to do across the front, I couldn't afford to get them for the gutter.


Mind Sprite said...

Very pretty! I should put up the picture of our house with lights too!

Scaramouche Jones said...

I like that pic of your tree through the window, in the dark. Really cool :)

One Wink at a Time said...

Very pretty! Sorry I haven't been over, been really busy. But in case I don't get back here before, I want to wish you and your family and Warm and Beautiful Holiday :-)

Chicken said...

Nice sis. I wish I could see it in person :-)