Sunday, April 30, 2006

Poison Oak/Ivy

It seems that I have managed to get into one of the above in the last few days...I usually react very badly to Poison Oak (have never been around Poison Ivy much, but it grows here I guess). Not sure which one I have but I am guessing that their rash is similar.

Anyhow, I just went to this cool site because I wanted to double check that any oozing would not cause it to spread (which it doesn't by the way). The reason I was double checking was because I am not sure when I touched this stuff, and where I have it is really weird (on my forearm, one side of my neck, and my belly). None on my hands or feet...and it seemed like it was spreading a bit (meaning I had not gotten the oil completely off of me or something in my house has it still and I was reintroducing it to my skin). This case doesn't seem to be too bad, I usually get it a lot worse so I am not too worried but I don't want to keep picking it up, so I moved to preventative measures this morning.

I have found that wiping down things with either rubbing alcohol or clorox wipes clears up any oil I might have left on a door knob or light switch. Since I don't know when I got it, I threw any clothes I have worn (including jackets) in the last few days into the laundry as well as all bath towels and bedding. I think I have the house pretty much disinfected and now I just need to do a ton of laundry.

From reading the site, it seems that clorine and hot water are helpful in reducing itching and drying it up fast and being that I have a hot tub in back, I think my soaks are going to be more than theraputic for the next few days...haha. I have been using Caladryl Clear which works pretty well for me during the day as well. I might even get in the hot tub right now just to see if it helps dry this stuff up. I have a trip in a few days and being covered in rash and itching doesn't sound like fun, not to mention that it looks terrible...


Chicken said...

Do you have that soap that Mom uses?

Mishka said...

No but that wouldn't have helped this because I didn't even know I got any on my skin until I had a couple of blisters. By then the oil has been on you enough to start the reaction...what I should have done when I first saw the blisters, was get in the hot tub to start the drying process and to remove any oils that might have still be on me...I

wish I knew where I got it so I would know exactly what in the house might have it on it. I need to take a couple of clorox wipes out to the truck when I go to soccer this afternoon and wipe that thing down.

Mind Sprite said...

Yikes!!! I've never had the displeasure and hope I never do!

Mishka said...

I haven't had it this bad in quite a while, the stuff in Portland and Washington seems to be less potent. I used to get it almost every summer in So Oregon though.

This isn't really that bad although it is irritating to have it while traveling and the fact that some of it is on my neck makes me selfconscious.

mike said...


It works for me and others I know.

Expensive, but worth it for me. I would have scar tissue otherwise.

Found your blog thru Miska, BTW.