Thursday, April 20, 2006

Responsible TV, What A Concept

I am so excited to see this new show from TLC (part of Discovery network) airing this year...I hope that people will tune in and learn something. It is about time that families take some responsibility for the health outcomes of their members.

The show is called Honey, We're Killing The Kids and it is on Mondays at 9pm. They find families that need help making good choices in nutrition and health areas, show them pics of what their kids will look like if they don't make some changes, and then for three weeks a nutritionist helps them change their ways while still making it fun. At the end if they have been successful at adopting her plan (or portions of her plan) she shows them again a future pic to see what the changes will accomplish.

I think this is so perfect because when I heard a women was trying to sue McDonalds, a while back, because her child was obese from eating there, I had to ask, who the parent was and who was actually making the food decisions for that child? No one is holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them to eat fast food everyday.

Check out their website, they have some cool interactive and informational stuff.


Mind Sprite said...

I thought that was a very interesting concept too. They can have a sequel.....Honey, We're Killing Ourselves.....for the parents!

graculus said...

This has been on UK TV since Christmas. Have they done it with American families? It was a great programme here

Mishka said...

Grac-Yeah, I think its origins are in on the BBC. I am only assuming that these are American families, I haven't caught the show itself yet, just saw the advertising and thought it sounded awesome.

BTW, where have you been? I check in everyday but no secrets yet...

Blondie said...

Rumour has it that Mishka means "bear" in ukranian or something. That's what my boyfriend's grandmother told him when she gave him a stuffed bear named Mishka.

I know you're interested in Labs, we just got a new puppy if you want to visit to see a picture or two