Friday, August 12, 2005

Workman's Comp

See my "on the job" injury? This is a blister on my right thumb from the shovel and rake while trying to fix my easement...I know, it is taking a long time, but it keeps raining and therefore thwarting all my efforts...I have been wearing gloves that shows you how hard I have been working.

Anyhow, I am off the shovel and rake for a few days so I can heal up a bit. Gross, isn't it? It is exactly in the wrong spot too. It seems that I use that part of my thumb for just about everything...who knew? Oh, except for golfing...I can still hit a golf ball without hurting it...guess I'll just have to do that instead...haha.


Chicken said...

That's bad chicken!! Take it easy on yourself.

Mind Sprite said...

Ouchie! Take care of that poor thumb. I've done that several times too. I thought gloves were supposed to prevent that sort of thing, but they don't.