Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pine Cone

This is a picture of one I found in the driveway. It is about 7 inches long
I saw a grey squirrel pulling this up a tree to eat the other day. The cone it had was almost as big as the squirrel itself. I guess it felt safer 60 feet up in the tree, rather than eating it on the ground.

Hilarious to watch...but you have to give them credit, when they get their mind set, there seems to be no changing it.


Chicken said...

Was this Rufus?

Mishka said...

It might have been, he hasn't been spending as much time in our yard (because the feeders are not reachable anymor) but it was a bigger squirrel and he is the biggest one I have seen around here.

The tree was in a neighbors yard and I was watching it with binos...I heard the scratching and that is what caused me to look up in the first place.