Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I was watching a movie last night and it struck me that on TV and in the movies you always see the beds with tons of pillows on them. This in itself is not odd necessarily, I have 5 pillows on my bed right now, but that is only during the day. I do not sleep with all of them.

Thing is, that during this movie, they were in bed with one pillow each beneath their heads but behind their heads (between the top of their heads and the headboard) there were two more pillows each. That is like an extra two feet of space at the top of the bed being taken up by pillows.

So do beds on the big screen have extra leg room? Because if I had that many pillows above my head, my feet would be hanging off the end of the bed for sure, and I am of average height. Why is it that no one ever calls them on this stupid stuff that just doesn't make sense?


Chicken said...

Remember in Along came Polly when they ripped up all of the pillows. He figured he had spent some crazy amount of time moving them everyday.

Mishka said...

Yeah, when I was writing this post, I thought of that movie. Fortunately the only one we really move off the bed is the body pillow, then two go under a heads, and two go on our sides for our legs.

The body pillow is supposed to fill that requirement but being that we are in a queen bed, it feels too much like we have a third person sleeping with us, and the way J sleeps, that means both of them are on my side....