Thursday, August 25, 2005

Newest Addition

Mine are not quite this dark, the black is more like spots on them.
I just got home from running a few errands and stopped at the fish store to get some fish. I didn't do it sooner because I had to clean the tank yesterday and wanted to give it a day to settle.

They didn't have any Silver Lyretails so I got two Dalmation/Marbled ones. One male and one female. I might see if I can get a Black one someday soon too. We'll see. They seem to be adjusting to the new tank well and we'll see if they get along with my girl.


Ian said...

You hoping for some baby fishies?

Mishka said...

I think that if they do have them, they are getting eaten before I ever see them because most say that the mollies reproduce like rabbits and I just haven't seen it.

P'nut said...

Pretty! I had two black ones and found them to be less aggressive than the silver ones (not that mollies are all that aggressive to begin with... just that the black ones seemed much sweeter). If that makes sense. :)