Friday, August 05, 2005

Microsoft BS

This is how stupid MS thinks home users are...

I had to go to their website to look for an update for a language program I am trying to use. You can't just look for what you want these days, you have validate your existence and then they tell you what you need even if what they think you need is not what you are looking for.

So anyway, one of the things it thinks I need is this security update for jview profiler (which I have never heard from). Mind you, I don't have my computer set up for automatic updates, never would, never will. So I just go to their page once a month or so after turning on all the required services on my PC and download what I need. Sometimes they have things I don't need and I don't download them. This is why I unclicked the jview profiler... I didn't know what it was, Microsoft didn't bother to explain it in their little blurb, so I wasn't going to download it unless I found out more about it.

I do a search on Microsoft's site, and all it comes up with is the same security download about a million times...not exactly what I am looking for. Anyhow, I finally did find the actual bulletin that might explain better what the jview profiler was.

They have two versions of the bulletin. One for home users and one for IT professionals. I clicked on the home users website first (thinking that this probably just explains it in less technical terms). Wrong!!! This is the website.... It doesn't tell you anything, it just basically says "here what we tell you and don't ask any questions!!!". And if you notice at the bottom of the first paragraph it even says that if you are an IT professional, you should go to the page so that things will be explained. I am amazed that they have the gall to pretend they put this little "bulletin" together every month.

Hmmmmm....see? They just think we are all idiots and don't need to know what is going on with our computers.

By the way, I did a google search (too bad MS's own site doesn't search adequately for their own shit) and found that the jview profiler is part of a javascript component in IE, so I do need it. Why couldn't they have just told me that in the first place? Jackasses...oh, and I have yet to find what I actually went there for.


Joanne said...

I get pissy with them because I don't think I should have to download 5700 updates every freakin' month. If they would just put out a product that works they wouldn't have to put out all those fixes to problems.

Ian said...

I totally know what it's like to not have computer terms explained, or not understand them. I'm the accountant for a company that provides internet broadband. Every week at our staff meetings I sit for half an hour while everybody speaks a different language. All I hear is blah blah blah blah blah. Then we leave.

Of course when it's my turn, and I start talking accounting language, all everyone else hears is blah blah blah blah blah...

Mishka said...

Thing is that I have a degree in Network Admin, and I am working on my master's in Computer Systems Management so I wasn't offended personally, I was offended overall. My issue with them is that they treat most of their customers (home users) like they are idiots when they should talk to them like regular human beings once in a while.

That website really put me over the edge because it literally just says, "Download the Updates", "Set Your Computer for Automatic Updates" and that irritates me that they aren't willing to even try to explain what the home users might be updating for.

They also try to make it sound like the updates are good for you no matter what, which is not always the case. I have have had many a customer's machine crash in the past because they were doing MS updates all the time. You really do have to be selective about what you suck down onto your machine, regardless of who puts it out.