Friday, September 27, 2013

Rebuilding The Wii

So as you know from this post, I had dismantled the Wii in hopes that the disc read error I was running into was strictly due to a retaining clip...didn't turn out to be, so I had to order a new DVD drive for the Wii.

New drive and open instructions

It came in the mail a few days ago and today, I decided to give it a shot. I pulled up the two sites I had bookmarked for accomplishing this task as well as re-assembling the Wii and got to it.

Needed to double check that the replacement drive came with the rubber grommets that my old one had, and it did. I also checked to make sure the chip numbers matched up, and they did. I then started the steps to reconnect the drive to the console. Once I got the DVD drive connected and the clamshell back on it, I decided to test it before I put anything else back together. I plugged it all in, and then inserted a game disc....and we had a WORKING Wii Console!!!

Tested with the Jeopardy disc

New drive + console with only clamshell

I then unplugged everything, and put the rest of it together, twice. First time, I had an missing screw somehow, and the OCD in me couldn't let that go....second time around, have no idea, but I ended up not having a missing screw so all is right with the world.

All back together, no extra screws!

I guess now, I will try emailing the company that I bought the drive from (it was refurbished) and see if they want my old drive to refurbish it for another user at some point in the future...would rather do that, than give the drive to the landfill.

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