Friday, September 13, 2013

Sometimes Technology Is Just Not Your Friend

Dissembled Wii
If you know me, you know I am a geeky little nerd and while I don't think that going out and buying the newest thing is the smartest thing to do, I am a believer is the use of technology in many forms.

Lately, it seems like I have been inundated with technology issues. As you know from this post, I was having issues with the cable/phone/internet a few weeks ago. That has been resolved and we even got a refund for the day we were without service.

On top of that, the loader/ejector for the CD player in our truck stopped working last fall, and now it looks like the driver's side door speaker is done now too. We have had both speakers in the front doors replaced years ago because they both blew, and the truck was still under warranty. Shortly after that, Chevy issued a recall for the front door speakers but since we had new ones, I didn't think anything of it...but I am now wondering if they just put in the same type that were in there before and these two should have been recalled (might have to call the dealership about this one). So that is frustrating for me to say the least.

Then the hand blender that I have loved for several years decided it was done. I found this out while in the middle of making a smoothie for dinner which made the smoothie not all that smooth. I have found a replacement online that might be even better since there was no way to fix this one.

The other day, I got a hair up my ass about wanting to play some games on the Wii. I turned the Wii on, and after a few mins, got a disc read error. I followed the instructions on the screen to no avail, and started Googling. Looked like my problem was based in the fact that I tend to leave a DVD in the console all the time, and that there is a retaining clip that can be rubbing on the disc causing it to not get up to read speed. So I dissembled the entire console, and did all the bending recommended in many tutorials and YouTube videos but this still did not help things. The sound to me, sounded like it was coming from a different spot than just the retaining clip. So after fiddling with it for several hours, I decided to look at how much it would be to change out the DVD drive (since it is basically just like the ones in a computer and I have installed plenty of those).

I looked online and it was easy enough to find a replacement drive for much cheaper than replacing the entire console or buying an upgrade (Wii U), so I ordered it, and it is on its way. Right now, the Wii console is in parts all over our entertainment center with items taped in place so I don't forget where things go.

Keep your fingers crossed that the DVD fix works, and that at some point, I am able to get the speaker and CD player in the truck fixed. I don't want to change the CD player out myself since it is connected to the alarm system for the truck and I don't want to mess with the door speaker either since our doors are all electric and I would hate to mess something up that major (especially on the driver's door).

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