Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cleaning Project

My SIL and BIL moved this past week, and are finally into their own home now and enjoying it immensely. In the process of the move, which took about a week due to schedules of everyone involved, we tried to get some unpacking done to make these feel a bit less overwhelming. My MIL and SIL were unpacking part of the kitchen and realized that while the entire house has new paint and new floors, no one ever bothered to check above the kitchen cabinets. We were wiping out the cabinets as we were adding dishes to them, but the above counter top area was going to take more than a "wipe out".

Sideview because of small space, before
The next day, I brought over my vacuum since it has a hose on it and we could put it on a step stool and reach up to do the initial cleanup. Once that was done, I went to town with rags and cleaning supplies to get that baby cleaned up. I just wanted my SIL to have a fresh clean start in her new home and I knew she was looking forward to being able to use that space to display some of her blue glass collection. I didn't want her to have to stop the process of unpacking to tackle a lousy job...consider it my gift to her...LOL.

Sideview again due to headspace, after
Anyhow, since I was the only one that had ventured up on to the counters to see what a mess it was, I decided I better document it...these pics are from above one of the cabinets closest to the stove so they were the worst of the bunch. The others were mostly dust and overspray from the latex paint on the walls.

Two Years Ago on In My Words...Self Improvement (this would be a good thing for me to focus on right now too!)

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Anonymous said...

Looks great--know that was a lot of work and I know I appreciate all you did help. Hope SIL said TY more than once. :)