Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Chk, chk, chk

Been trying to knock some things off the list lately...and it feels good, but never seems to make a dent...always so many more things on the list.

Today has been a productive phone day, made some calls and got some things scheduled. Found out that the paint on our truck canopy is covered by warranty and the original place we bought it still has the proof of purchase so will be getting that fixed as soon as the proof comes in the mail. It will be weird to drive the truck without a canopy while it is getting repainted. I am betting the paint won't match exactly because the paint on our truck and the canopy has been on the same amount of time and now the canopy will have new paint but it has to be better than the little bubbles we are seeing right now.

Scheduled doc appt, and the HVAC service appt as well. Scheduling worked out perfect. Still have trip to Google later this month on the schedule, and made airline arrangements for annual trip to see Gpa, but still need to reserve rental car.

Tried to play some Wii last night but it seems that something is wrong with the disk drive on it...have to get a special screwdriver to take it apart, so that might be a bit of a wait. I am bummed because I was geared up to get back into playing some of the games (especially the ones that make you move). Hopefully it won't be too complicated of a fix, figure if I can fix computers, I can look at this and see if there is a way to fix it.

Fall is coming rather quickly and I have a lot of stuff to get into the ground before it does, not to mention a lot of yard work to do as soon as it starts getting cold. That is one reason getting these two trips taken care of works out perfectly. It will still be warm enough when I get back to tackle some of the projects.

Been enjoying the football, soccer, golf and Nascar on this time of year for sports. Need to get some geocaches and more consistent exercise in excuses.

Ordered a leaf net to cover the pool with this fall to catch all the leaves I spent hours fishing out last year...hopefully it works like it should and reduces the amount of time and effort required.

All in all, trying to do what I can do and control what I can control...the rest is out of my hands...LOL

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