Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Making Progress

I am working on a lap blanket for my niece who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I decided to do a granny square version and I don't have the exact layout of the four colors yet but at least have decided on the colors.

I am working on them a skein at a time, so I have more of the charcoal done at this point. I have about 50 squares done total so far. I only picked up the red this week, but have managed to knock out a few squares of it already. I think I will only being doing a few of the off-white squares as an accent, because I want to use the off-white as the one to connect all the squares when I am done, and maybe as the border as well.

I hope it comes out nice. I picked a soft yarn that I just love! I want to connect the squares like I did in the post I have linked below. I think it makes for a more flexible and finished looking blanket.

Eighteen Months Ago on In My Words...Finished The Blanket


Joanne said...

I've been working on an orange and blue one (which will be full bed blanket not lap) for what feels like forever. The squares themselves were easy and done quickly, but the joining of the squares may be the end of me. :)

Joanne said...

I do LOVE your colors. Much better than my orange and blue (for a gators fan.)

... said...

I found a way to connect them (see the post I linked) that works so much better than the old way I used to do it and I love the way it turns out too. I used to absolutely hate the connecting part.