Saturday, April 13, 2013

OSF: My Fair Lady

This was the first play of the season for me. I saw it in preview on my own in the Angus Bowmer theatre during a matinee showing.

The actors were on stage when we came in, warming up and getting into their last minute costume details. They included the audience in the show right from the start and it was pretty cool.

The actors were all great singers and actors and I felt like I was part of the movie (since I never saw the play before). It was very hard to not sing along.

The sets were really cool in a minimalist way...not overly done but they had all the elements there so you knew when they were in the study and when they were at the track.

Freddie was a entity of his own...he was comedic in a completely unexpected way. I think, since we were in preview, that he was adlibing quite a bit of it, but I hope that some of it stayed in play as it was great to see.

There was an after the show talk with Liza Doolittle and it was pretty informative and cool.

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