Saturday, April 13, 2013


First in real life 5K of the year. It was cold and cloudy, but still a lot of fun. I didn't get my best time, but I also didn't train for it so I am just glad I didn't get my worst time either...LOL.

I picked up my packet yesterday and narrowly avoided ending up on the local news. The director was giving me a hint about where to park when the news crew showed up and wanted him to talk about the race and festival...he asked me to be on camera too, but I was able to beg off (thankfully).

We had to be at the site pretty early so I didn't get a ton of sleep, but that is no surprise on race day anyhow. I parked a bit away from the start/finish line, so I opted to leave my warm up pants at the car. There were about 1800 runners in the 5K portion and then another 1800 did the 10 miler. The course was flat for the most part and that made it even harder for me....I just tried to run as long as I could and then would walk for a bit.

Once I got into the groove, there were a few people that I just tried to stay with for the remainder of the race, and that helped me to push myself a bit. Last curve and the finish line was right there so I ran it in.

This is the first race I have done recently that didn't offer food, or drinks to the finishers. So no new pint glass for me...LOL. I did get a banana and a gatorade from one of the sponsors. I stuck around until the 10 milers started. By that time, my body temp had dropped and the weather also started getting colder. I was chilled to the bone. I stopped for a big coffee on my way home. I got into a nice hot bath that night and soaked with the knowledge that I pushed myself and accomplished a goal.

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