Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SmartWool Socks

I have been a SmartWool wh0re since my sister turned me on to them a couple of years ago. I have many of them...but can't seem to ever have enough.

This is not my first trip down the road of sock addiction. I have always liked socks. When I was in highschool I always wore 2 1/2 pairs, every day. Two on one foot and 3 on the other and they always coordinated with my clothes. These days, I can do all that coordinating with one pair of socks!

Okay, back to SmartWool...they aren't the only ones I like but they are in the top three (and that is only in the wool category, I have entirely different brands I like in athletic socks). I also like Wigwam and Goodhew socks but it seems like SmartWool has the coolest colors and designs.

Big draw back of all of these sock brands is that they tend to cost more than anyone would ever want to pay for a pair of socks. In fact as far as I am concerned, in most cases I could buy 5 pairs of socks for the price of one SmartWool pair...if bought at normal prices. I have to say that the price (and this goes for all three of these brands) is due to the fact that these are very well made wool socks that don't itch.

This is the trick. You don't buy any of these brands at full price. I tend to get all of mine from Sierra Trading and ridiculously low prices. I buy the irregulars, when they are running a big sale (like 75% off). These two pairs were actually purchased with a free gift card I got from Sierra Trading last time I made a purchase with them. They didn't cost me a dime, including the shipping. I am excited to try them out soon!

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XLMIC said...

My daughter wears her Smartwools into the ground. I have one pair that I wear on most runs. Love them!