Thursday, January 24, 2013


Felt good about some stuff I managed to pull off today. Didn't get some big things that I have on the list done, but a few small things and that still made me feel pretty decent.

Got some exercise in while making my way to the paint store so I could look at color chips...and think I have found the color for the downstairs hallway and the bathrooms. Need to find a white for the ceilings and then I can get down to it.

Put down carpet pad in the closet that was water damaged last spring and finally put the carpet back in place and rehung the closet doors. Measured and noted a few more things that closet needs before it can be called "done". Will be able to move the exercise equipment from the garage in that room soon!!

Replaced the fan and motor in an old exhaust fan in our downstairs bathroom (which didn't have attic access so really wanted this to work) with a motor and fan purchased at a local was so satisfying to put it back up in the hole in the ceiling and have it work just like it should on the very first try. This was truly amazing since we are talking about a 30 year old exhaust fan. Now just need to find a replacement for the cover or paint the cover we have, because right now, it looks terrible.

Took pics of all the hard work to chronicle on the house blog...but don't have time to put up those posts it is off to bed with my library book!

Fourteen Years Ago on In My Words...Many Times (poem to my husband)

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