Saturday, January 19, 2013

Facebook Break

Last week, my sis decided to take a break from Facebook...a serious break, like she deactivated her account kind of break. While I don't want to do anything like that, the same day, I decided that I wanted to back away from it quite a bit.

I thought that after the elections the political crap would slow down and Facebook would go back to its normal stream of ecards, cute baby pictures, and actual updates from friends and family, but NO SUCH LUCK!

I am sick of all the political crap, and it wouldn't even be that bad if people didn't resort to name calling, hatred and putting everyone in a fucking box. I am not a box fact, I have always absolutely detested being put in a box and have always gone out of my way to make sure that everyone around me knows I do not like being put in a box, and do everything in my effort to not be available for box status.

At this time, Facebook is nothing, but a box labeling place and I am sick of it, so I am staying away. I have a few places that I visit online, that auto post to Facebook and that is fine...I will continue to auto post my reading and my fitness, and perhaps even a few posts from my blog...but for the most part, I will be limiting my visits to Facebook itself.

This isn't an issue of time I don't really spend much time there is just a matter of it being filled with negative crap that I don't need to see everyday. I joined it to stay in touch with family and friends and all of that gets hidden beneath all the politics and advertising so it just isn't worth much of my time. One of my closest friends says she only checks in once a week or so and finds that it is better because she sees the updates from those she wants to see, and is more easily able to ignore the idiotic crap. Perhaps that is what I will do, but right now, I haven't been on there for a week and it feels pretty good to not have that negative aspect in my life.

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One Wink at a Time said...

I am SO with you on this. I'm particularly particular about who I friend on there but there still are a few who insist on posting the political crap (sour grapes for the most part and SO immature, IMHO) and I NEVER post political subject matter lest it rile things up. I've been hiding a lot of posts lately just for my own satisfaction but am seriously considering unfriending a couple people. Who wants to read that crap? Not I.

... said...

I don't have any friends on FB that I don't know face to face, but I do have lists that I use to limit who can see what. So just because someone is a friend of mine on there, doesn't mean that they can see everything I post.

It is mostly the newsfeed that have issues with. I have some people that I don't even let into my newsfeed, but there are ones that I love to hear from and then they go and post nothing, but political shit over and over again. I spend more time hiding crap than catching up and it isn't even that people can just post their opinion, they have to villify the opposite side, to the extreme. It is like they don't realize that there are moderates like me out there.

I, too, tend to limit the political things I post on there, because I am a moderate and therefore have ideas from both sides of the aisle and in the boxiness of FB right now, that doesn't really fit in.