Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Inch Review

I am sorry, but all the hype about the Kindle products is just that. I am in the process of setting one up (thankfully it is not mine, I'll stick with Nook, thank you very much), and am so disappointed in it. It seems like the only reason Amazon even had this product made is so that they could push their sales on you more than just over your computer. Really the fact that the ebooks are proprietary, there is no charger for the wall included and that every time you turn it on, you are forced to deal with stupid ads just solidifies my belief that Amazon has gotten too big for their own britches.

I am trying to set this thing up so my Dad can use it for listening to his music (which he has on iTunes and isn't planning to move to the Amazon music store) and for searching the web. He received this device as a gift (didn't ask for it) so please no comments about how he shouldn't have gotten an ereader if he wasn't going to use it for reading...the point is that it is advertized as a tablet more than an ereader and the issues I have with it are not about the ereading part of is about the money grubbing lack of consideration that Amazon seems to have for their customers.

Seriously? An over 11 hour charge to use the computer for this thing is just ridiculous...hopefully the charger for my mother's Nook Tablet (yes it was included in the box) will work for this thing too, because if they have to spend even a cent more on this, it is a cent too much.

Amazon, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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