Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sony XBrite SDM-HS75P 17" LCD Monitor

I have this monitor. I LOVE this monitor. Lately this monitor has been having issues...keeps changing the input and then complaining that the cable is not connected. I figured that my video chip on my motherboard was going bad, but in just having two email conversations with Sony's Esupport on this, it turns out that they are not going to develop any drivers for this monitor so that it will function with Windows 7. Is that just crap or what? I mean, this monitor is only 4 years old and they aren't going to bother to keep all the customers that they have using this monitor that might be migrating to the newest operating system this year!!

This is just like Sony...so eager to force purchases and lock people into proprietary situations. Well I say NO....I am not going to buy anymore Sony products...I am tired of this treatment.

Microsoft is not one of my favorite companies out there but at least they support their software long after they are not even selling it....they still support XP and even Win98 in some cases...even though they are not making a dime off it, because they knowt that some day those same customers will remember that and continue to use their products.

Well obviously Sony thinks they have such a lock on the market with their Blue Ray and other products that they don't feel the need to show at least that level of customer support.

So I guess I'll be using this monitor for the next week (until my computer gets shipped) and then I'll be selling it to someone that is not on Win 7 when I get to Hawaii. If I had time, I would sell it now and replace it with another brand so I wouldn't have to ship it.

Grrr...this kind of thing just pisses me off!


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Chicken said...

HP did this too. I couldn't use a perfectly functioning printer and had to give it away because they wouldn't make drivers for Snow Leopard. So I went out a purchased a Canon printer instead!