Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 8: Someone Who Made Your Life Hell or Treated You Like Shit

This is a hard one as I don't think that anyone completely fits this bill....I mean we all had relationships in school that did or didn't turn out for one reason or another, but none of mine were so bad that I would label them as the above.

I guess I feel some resentment towards my biological father for some of the things he put me through...but he is no longer living and I really can't speak badly of him now. He made some really bad choices in his life, and unfortunately, I was affected by some of them, but in the end, his life was shortened because of some of those choices so I don't know that anything I would say would make a difference in that outcome. I wish sometimes that I had been able to get to know the amazing part of him better, but he kept that part of himself hidden behind the bad choices most of the time, and that seems sadder than anything else.

Overall, I have had a pretty good life, hard sometimes (like everyone) but still pretty good without a lot of tragedy in it. I am one of the lucky ones.


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