Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Typhoon Morakot Update

Typhoon Morakot is not going to come close enough for us to worry too much at this point, but we are still getting some nice wind and rain from it. You can see from this satellite image why we are getting weather even though we are out of the target zone. Our island is the one right on the center line above the storm. Taiwan is the one to the left in the path of the storm.

I have heard reports of objects flying around, so I recommend stowing anything that is light just to be safe. I put away a few things last night that were loose in our backyard.

From this other picture, you can see that this storm that everyone thought was going to stay small is supposed to get up to Cat 4 strength later today....if this were to turn and hit us, we would be in for some great weather for sure. I need to get down to the seawall today sometime, because I am sure the surfers are out in this for sure.


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