Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Round 1

Yesterday was my first time at Round 1...an indoor play area for adults and kids alike. We had a girls night there and I thought it was a great opportunity for me to find out if it was the kind of place I would want to go to more than once and perhaps even bring the better half and some friends to.

I HAD A BLAST...and we only saw a portion of the place. It has 7 floors total. The top one is an open air area that allows for playing team sports against/with other people. Then the 5-7th floors are part of the Spo-cha which is a "pay an entrance fee and play all you want during the time limit" kind of place. It has arcade games, athletic games you play against a computer, roller skating, pocket bike racing, massage chairs, food, karaoke, and tons of other things to do.

I managed to do the following in the short time I was there last night:

-played a few rounds of computer golf (just one hole each time)...it was kind of like the instructors driving simulator you see at golf stores
-played a game of tennis against the computer, which I am determined to do better at next time
-kicked boxed this computer bag that yells out numbers in Japanese and you have to hit the right number to score...Heather beat my score
-watched a pocket bike race
-sat in an awesome massage chair
-checked out the karaoke room (although we didn't karaoke while we were there)
-rode a bull and practically got thrown off it...note to self..don't wear shorts on the bull
-kicked a soccer ball against a computer (need to have shoes on for this one next time)
-shot an air gun at targets
-tried to get a prize out of an arcade game but didn't

Floors 1-4 have bowling, an arcade, darts, karaoke, relaxation and food for individual prices. We paid for 90 minutes in the Spo-cha part and it was a ton of fun...and in the summer, this was a great way to spend some time in the AC too...of course, we went on a Tuesday night so it wasn't super busy but I bet the weekend nights and days are crazy.

You can get membership for 500 yen a year (about 5 bucks) and that gets you 200 yen off the Spocha each time you go and discounts of the other paid floors if you chose to do them.

I looked for a website for the company but I don't see one. I can't wait to go again...I need to practice up on some of the stuff so I can give J a run for his money...heehee...


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Haha said...

You read my mind - get good before you take J - then kick butt. He will love it!

Mishka said...

I wish you all could come check this place out...it is a lot of fun...you have to tell yourself that you are going to look and act like a goofball before you even get there so you aren't surprised when it happens...haha.