Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tasks, Tasks, Tasks

Okay, I know that I have done nothing but post about my To Do list on my Facebook status for weeks now...that is because I gave myself a month to get a few things done that have been on the back burner for a while and just needed to get off my list.

Thing is, I haven't been making actual lists for a while, so I figure, in celebration of the fact that I have been making a ton of headway in the last few weeks, I would make myself a list and then strike out all the tasks I have completed...this does not in any way void my list of things to do that is semi-permanently attached to the top of my blog, but it does give me some gratification and that is ultimately what this is about...haha.

1. Dust, vacuum, swift entire house (done biweekly)
2. Put out green mesh to keep cat off tree garden in pond
3. Replace motherboard, video card, and DVDRW drive in PC
4. Uninstall Norton and install Avast on both computers
5. Attend board meeting and luncheon for OIWC (done monthly)
6. Attend steering committee meeting (done quarterly)
7. Volunteer at giftstore or for ACGO more than 40 hours
8. Practice with Magic Sing, and Wii when time allows
9. Make many sets of wine glass markers to sell at giftstore
10. Take 3 carloads of stuff to the thriftstore
11. Organize and overall simplify the house
12. Attend various small get togethers and meetings
13. Troubleshoot and fix 3 friends computers or peripherals
14. Volunteer on the Google help boards for Blogger
15. Everyday housework of dishes, trash, bathroom cleaning and laundry
16. Exercise and try to eat right
17. Read three books
18. Plant herbs
19. Take one more carload (at least) of stuff to the thriftstore
20. Give Jocelyn the rest of the liquor that is taking up space in our storage shed
21. Regrip golf clubs
22. Install rear stereo speakers in car
23. Practice Japanese
24. Hit golf balls and play when time allows
25. Play tennis with Lara and Heather
26. Stay on fitness program
27. Do front bed yard work and clean out leaves from pond
28. Plant flowers
29. Finish troubleshooting friend's external harddrive

I guess those that are not crossed out will keep me busy for a while...


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This post is so appropriate right now because I can't find a Netflix movie we just got in the mail.

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Larissa said...

I love your post from a year ago. It sums up my life right now. "Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy." I always organize stuff away and then can't find it. I organized January's electric bill so well that we never paid it - until March! UGH!!! You are amazing, Girl!! If I wrote everything down that I wanted to do I would be so overwhelmed but I have to find some system that works!!! Good luck on your list!!!