Monday, March 23, 2009


Why do all spray bottles of cleaning products stop spraying before the bottle is empty? Shouldn't the manufacturers have figured out by now how to make that work?

How come Fox News has a slogan of "fair and balanced"? If they really were fair and balanced, would they have to tell us?

Why is it that now that I have white towels, I nick myself shaving in the shower everytime?

If arguing with you to get an appointment, when you say I can't have one is not the way to approach the situation, then why did it work? Would you have given me one if I had just asked nicely and then went away?

Is putting seaglass that is not completely finished back at the beach littering or just refining?

How is it that in the process of spring cleaning, I can't find items I know I have seen in the last 24 hours, when I haven't seen them in months and would have been able to locate them without even thinking about it?

When does a slow leak really become just a perpetually flat tire?

Why do I have to take the labels off recycled glass bottles and jars? Aren't they going to get melted anyway...wouldn't the paper go away then before the glass would even melt?

How does my cellphone go from three to one bar in one day, sit at one bar for days and days and then only finally die when I need to make a call?


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Getting There I wonder what it looks like now...if the new owners have maintained it


Chicken said...

The tire thing and the cell phone thing have always perplexed me too.
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Joanne said...

My cellphone totally does that every time. In fact just today it was 3 bars this morning and it is now at 1. Sigh. It's always dead for me. :)