Sunday, April 26, 2009

She Figured It Out

It has been months since we moved Chase outdoors (limited to our back deck area). We live in a tropical climate which means that during rainy season, it rains once a day but isn't necessarily cold. She has been an indoor kitty long enough now that she is not particularly fond of getting caught in the rain.

Until this week, if it started raining while she was out there, she would sit next to the door in the rain and meow...even if no one was home, and manage to get soaked in the mean time. This week she had a breakthru.

In this picture, you can see her lounging in the sun on the deck absorbing the rays amongst the puddles of water from the night before. It was beautiful out and I envied her the time and inclination to soak up the sun.

Not ten minutes later, it darkened up and started to pour. I went over to the glass to see where she was....she FINALLY figured out that if she got under the table with the umbrella on it, she wouldn't get wet. This did not stop her from meowing at me through the glass but at least she finally figured it out.

I went over and opened the door for her, she bitched at me for a minute and then went about her day. I am proud of her for figuring it out and it relieves me that I don't have to worry about her quite as much if a storm should pass through while I am gone and she is stuck out there.


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Haha said...

What a smart kitty she is! Tell her HaHa loves her...purrrrr