Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye Amazon Again

Okay, I am reposting my peeve from last year because this really pisses me off. I started to use them again because it seemed that they had changed their ways but they have not...I have complained to them until I am blue in the face about how I can get the same products from their competitors that they refuse to send to me. I am done with tired of it. I will just continue to use their competitors.

I am recommending to everyone if you live out this way or if you have family that uses them that you stop doing so. What a disservice they are doing.


They are on my sh1t list right now. They have changed their shipping policies (for the hell of it, it seems) and most of the stuff you can get from them can no longer be shipped to me. This sucks because when we lived here before, they were one of the few companies I did business with because shipping here was so easy.

So I have made my wishlist private so no one will buy me anything from them and I am not doing business with them again until they change their ways. In the last two months I have tried to order three different items to be shipped to me and none of them could be shipped but I was able to order the item from other sites and they were shipped with no problem.

So goodbye Amazon, until you can get you sh1t together!!!


18 Months Ago on In My Words...Goodbye Amazon


Chicken said...

Yeah I boycotted them when you did. Occasionally I have to use them for work but lately it hasn't been worth it. I place an order and then find out a week later that the vendor didn't have the item in stock. On top of that I find the same item from the manufacturer and it is cheaper which is unusual in most cases.

Mind Sprite said...

They are on my shit list too. I recently bought two books off Amazon. The first one arrived just fine. The second one never did and after notifying the seller repeatedly for over a month, they said "sorry, we'll give you your money back" and still no book. I should just buy from Powell's and be done with it!